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About the GCCF

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy provides information and advice on all aspects of cat ownership.

The GCCF is the primary registry of pedigree cats in the UK registering around 30,000 pedigree kittens from breeders each year.

Whether you are a new cat owner or an established owner, an experienced breeder or looking to breed for the first time, or simply looking for the right cat for your circumstances and lifestyle, GCCF offers help and expertise on all matters feline.

Useful links to the GCCF website:

Cat Welfare Trust

The Cat Welfare Trust was set up by the GCCF in 1988. Funds are used for the widest possible range of activities to benefit cats and cat welfare.

With rescue work undertaken by GCCF affiliated cat clubs, recent projects include Ringworm vaccine at Bristol University, feline genome mapping by Animal Health Trust and feline chronic gingivostomatitis at the University of Liverpool.
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